Thursday, June 3, 2010

Innocent MUD!

So we had an early dinner tonight and some time to kill before bed, so I suggested that we all go outside and play. Imagine that, playing outside int he summer time?! It was like torture for my kids!! They didn't want to go, they all wanted to stay inside and pick their nose or something boring like that. I kept trying to entice them with cool things like "we can enjoy the sunshine!", "We can do cart wheels" then finally I said..."I'll take some pictures of you!!" So that's what did it!
We went outside and I started shooting pictures of my kids. I wanted to get close ups of Yzabelle and Emerald because they have the cutest little freckles on their noses. Plus they are such pretty girls. So I took a few, here and there. Then the kids started doing cart wheels and it was all cute and fun. Then Emerald took over the camera shooting and took some of me. She always has to act like a grown up. She's so funny. So then someone turned on the water and started playing with the hose. Then someone else noticed this cool pile of dirt. Ug then someone put the water in the dirt and realized that it makes this really cool substance called MUD! So from that point on it was mud, mud, mud. For some reason I was liking the fact that they were playing, so I just sat there and took pictures of them. Haha They spread it everywhere!!! Of course, what do I expect....I mean it's mud right?! So here are some pictures of my kids playing in mud and getting all gross and dirty!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frozen Pizza

A few years ago I visit taught this lady in our Ward who was a single mom of 4 kids. I went with one of my friends, both her and I were married at the time. When we would go, I was always judgemental of her and her mothering skills and habits as a single mom. This one time we went it was right around dinner time. She was feeding her kids frozen pizza and popcorn. I was appalled at this. How could someone feed their kids frozen pizza? Meals, especially dinner, should be home cooked, and everyone should sit down at the table together to eat. What was wrong with her?
Well, this is me about 5 years later. How on earth could I have been such a brat to this lady? Who the heck am I to think these things about her and not know how hard it is to be a single mom with so many kids. I feel so bad for thinking this way about her. She must've been doing the best job she could. All of her kids were healthy and at least they were eating...and the popcorn was an extra bonus!
Now on busy days, days when i forgot to defrost meat, or don't have money for anything fancy, I thank God for frozen pizza to save the day and fill my kids' tummies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something's wrong with me

I had a poopy day today! I hate it when I act like a typical "women" and I'm all mad and pissy for no reason. Then when I go over in my head what might be wrong, I get mad at myself cause it's usually so dumb!

The days that I work til 5 are so hard for the kids and me. Like today, I got off and ran to the store to get some stuff for dinner, I went to Navek's school cause he had soccer practice. We went home, and the kids are always so hyper when we get takes them a little while to calm down. So we had dinner, taco salad. I made up every one's plate and tried to convince them it was good. Yzabelle usually tries everything, Emerald and Navek not so much. It looks and smells all pretty, but they always complain! It bugs me. I try to be strong and tell them that "this is dinner so you had better just eat it" Once Emerald and Navek tried it they ate most of it...ok ok ok I totally bribed them that if they finished it I would give them strawberry shortcake, whatever and some junk it worked! Anyway, I always feel like I'm in a hurry. A hurry to get dinner done, kids bathed, pj's, teeth, reading, calming down and finally bed. It's like I need to get them to bed, so we can wake up and freaking do it again. The mornings go the same way. Hurry get up, get dressed,, backpack, teeth, coat, shoes, socks. Are they ever going to be in dependant and just KNOW what to do? Grrrrr! We always hurry out the door. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I need to be better about stopping.....relaxing (what the heck is that?) and enjoying life. It's hard for me.

If something falls on the floor......look at it and say to myself "no one is going to pick that up except me!!!!" Then I cry, no I don't really but I scream inside sometimes! And what's the deal with crumbs? Why does everything produce stupid crumbs! I hate them. I feel like I could sweep til the cows come home and still, somehow, there will be crumbs or lint, or a dried up booger or something on the floor waiting for my mean sweeping skills to take it away!! Maybe I should get a dog! Haha It would just be better if gravity was used only to keep heavy objects from floating up. I mean what would be the harm if messes just floated up in the air, or got sucked into some magical area where we never saw them again. Ok, I am majorly rambling. Need to go to bed!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My little Tristyn

I should probably start with Tristyn since he is the youngest. This little kid is amazingly wonderful. He is so dang cute and my heart goes pitter patter every time I see him. He just turned 3 on the 16th of March. He is all boy most of the time, but doesn't mind playing house with Emerald once in a while. He LOVES Star Wars (does this really surprise you haha) he plays a lot with the action figures and sometimes he plays with Navek with them. He's so cute when he plays with these or any other toy because of the sound effects. I don't know how he does it, he was probably born with the natural talent of making noises, but I LOVE it!! He also likes to watch the actual Star Wars movies. It's weird because even at a young age he would sit down and watch a whole 2 hour movie cartoon or not!! Very interesting. A lot of times when the movie is finished he'll run over to me and re-enact some of his favorite parts. So he'll start talking about the movie and be like "Then Darth Vader cut of Luke's hand like that mom!!!" It's so funny He calls episode VI (6) "Star Wars the Clone Wars Return of the Jedi", and episode V "The scary Star Wars" I, of course, don't mind it at all!

He's such an easy going kid. I am able to reason with him more than my other stubborn kids sometimes.

He likes to pretend he's a cat a lot too. I'll be holding him and he'll just start to "Meow" He makes a really good cat noise too. He likes me to call him "Haggy" for Hagrid....the name of my sisters cat. He'll crawl around on the floor a lot and sometimes when I hold him he'll want to tell me a secret and whisper in my hear "meow, meow. mow mow mow mow" then he'll lick me, this is kinda weird, but I just let him do it cause it's so cute! I'm such a pushover for this kid.

He's a pretty good talker. I love the way he says the "r" sound cause it sounds like a "w" I think my mom said I did the same thing. So he'll say something like "I wun weally fast mom!!" stuff like that!
THis was at Christmas time.

Me and my baby Christmas morning!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Over a year?

I need to get with the program and update this blog for no one but myself. It's like a cute little journal thing I can do for my kids.

Lots and lots and lots has happened! My kids are older, I'm older, life is wild and crazy. The Lord has truly blessed us all though. More pics to come as I start updating this blog! Yay!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

2 and 4

Time goes by so fast doesn't it? My little baby Tristyn turned 2 on the 16th and Emerald's birthday is today...the 24th. Wow.

Here is Emerald when she was about 4 months old. She was such a happy, pleasant, easy going baby. I never really had any major problems with her. She was such a joy and a blessing to our family.

Here is a picture of Emerald when she was 1 year old. Her face is a little bit dirty, but Whoa...what a doll!

Here is my little monkey (her nickname ever since forever) when she was about to turn 2.

Here she is at 3...I love the color of her hair and eyes!

And this is my wild, crazy, so full of personality and sass today!!!

I remember being so nervous when I found out I was pregnant with Tristyn. I cried, and cried and thought to myself...."How can I have ANOTHER baby...I just had one and my marriage almost just ended!!" But after lots and lots of prayer I received a peaceful feeling that this little man was coming and he was supposed to come now. I remember like it was yesterday...I had just barely pushed him out and the doc put him right on my tummy and I looked into his big, big eyes and fell madly in love with him. The love flooded my body and I cried. I loved him so, so, so much. After the nurses washed him up they brought him over to Kevan and he just looked all around the room with his big huge eyes!! (all of my other babies fell asleep after coming out)

Another happy he is at about 4 months or so. About 5 months:)
About a 1 1/2 years here eating a corn dog..

Another one of 18 this boy
Here he is today...the handsome little dude
He loves Indiana Jones....

It sure is a lot of work having a bunch of kids so close in age...but I prefer it this way...I think. They will all grow up together and be good friends.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Something about being in your 30's

I freaked out when I turned 30! Did you? I was graduating from my 20's and I was no longer the "young one". Well, I decided, after looking at some recent pictures of myself and other people my age...mostly women, but yes I decided that being in you 30's is AWESOME. There ain't nothing wrong with it. I came across come pictures of me when I was younger...they weren't totally gross, but I was so young and little. My face looks the same, but I was so immature. I was looking at some friends on facebook (If you're not should totally join) and they are all so beautiful now that they are in their 30's and then some. Our faces have so much more wisdom and experience. It's interesting. Sometimes when I look back I'm always wishing that I were as skinny as I was then, even though I would complain about what I looked like back then. I have lost so much weight since I've had Tristyn and separated from K that I actually like the way I look now. My boobs are still there but not AS big. Good for me! I still have fat (lots) on my tummy, but please I have 5 kids and 2 were twins! It's okay if there is SOME fat there. Anyway...there are so many beautiful people in this world and I am friends with so many of them..It's okay if we get older...that's the way it's supposed to be! Love you all!