Thursday, June 3, 2010

Innocent MUD!

So we had an early dinner tonight and some time to kill before bed, so I suggested that we all go outside and play. Imagine that, playing outside int he summer time?! It was like torture for my kids!! They didn't want to go, they all wanted to stay inside and pick their nose or something boring like that. I kept trying to entice them with cool things like "we can enjoy the sunshine!", "We can do cart wheels" then finally I said..."I'll take some pictures of you!!" So that's what did it!
We went outside and I started shooting pictures of my kids. I wanted to get close ups of Yzabelle and Emerald because they have the cutest little freckles on their noses. Plus they are such pretty girls. So I took a few, here and there. Then the kids started doing cart wheels and it was all cute and fun. Then Emerald took over the camera shooting and took some of me. She always has to act like a grown up. She's so funny. So then someone turned on the water and started playing with the hose. Then someone else noticed this cool pile of dirt. Ug then someone put the water in the dirt and realized that it makes this really cool substance called MUD! So from that point on it was mud, mud, mud. For some reason I was liking the fact that they were playing, so I just sat there and took pictures of them. Haha They spread it everywhere!!! Of course, what do I expect....I mean it's mud right?! So here are some pictures of my kids playing in mud and getting all gross and dirty!

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Gina said...

AWESOME photos, Jessica! I am so proud of you for getting out there and taking these. Glad everyone had a fun time. So much better than picking your nose!